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Solution for monitoring structures

STATUM's evolutionary process reconciled the technical knowledge and experience of its team with the need to create a digital solution capable of improving the monitoring of structures. In this context, the company created SENTNEL, so that, through this platform, it would be possible to obtain solid and intelligent information, incorporating and promoting efficient mechanisms for evaluating and managing information regarding monitoring, projects, legal requirements, action plans, plan dam safety, risk analysis, among others.

A great advantage of the SENTNEL system is to promote the integrated management of the structure, in a simple, direct and safe way.

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Headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, STATUM GEOTECNIA is a solid company specialized in providing geotechnical, geological and water resources engineering services. Has extensive experience in project design, monitoring works, audits and inspections for small, medium and large structures. It operates in all stages of the mining activity, from the project's pre-feasibility phase to decommissioning.

The company is lead by professionals who have more than ten years of experience in the geotechnical market. With a carefully selected team, solid academic background, vast experience in their areas of activity and engaged in the mission, vision and values of STATUM. Furthermore, it has a body of technical consultants for alignment and constant support in the company's work routine.

STATUM GEOTECNIA, with its perspective and global point of view, is prepared to serve its customers with technical excellence, safety and sustainability, based on the normative, ethical and transparent principles of its relationships.

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